Abs Mag:


 Beisel Rating:

4.26 (Class 5)


175 feet

 Tallest Drop:

75 feet

 # of Drops:





Poesten Kill






USGS Troy South 7 1/2"


Aerial Photography


67 C5



The lower tier from below, click to enlarge

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Troy , Rensselaer County, NY , USA


Also Known As:
Poestenkill High Falls, Mount Ida Falls, Wire Mill Falls



The lower tier from below



Poestenkill Falls, also known as Mount Ida Falls, is right in downtown Troy. The waters of the Poestenkill collect in Dyken Pond, then make a dash for the Hudson River below. The falls drop roughly 85' into a gorge of crumbly black shale, make a right angle turn, dropping a further 75' into a massive pool. A short ways downstream, there is a final 15' block waterfall.


Geology and Bedrock Structure:




Photography Notes:

The gorge is deep and dark and if the sun comes out, the upper part of the gorge will be brightly illuminated. Late evening or overcast days would be ideal for photography. The gorge is enormous, dwarfing the 75' falls. If you mean to highlight the falls, you'll need some telephoto capability. If the gorge is your main focus, a fairly short zoom will do the trick, perhaps 18-55, or 28-80mm. Given the size of the pool, you might want to utilize the reflective ability of the pool in your compositions.



Take Route 2 east out of downtown Troy. Turn right on Route 66, then right on Linden Avenue. There is a large parking area on the right in approximately 0.2 miles. The trail leads to the base of the falls.