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3.11 (Class 4)


246 feet

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Spahats Creek






Clearwater 7 1/2"


Aerial Photography







Clearwater , Cariboo Mountains County, BC , Can


No Known Alternate Names



The falls leaping out of the slot canyon



Spahats Creek flows through a long narrow canyon, making a couple of drops, the latter of which leaps about 180-200' into a tremendous canyon. The nature of the bedrock in the area, compacted volcanic material, allows for the formation of dramatic canyons. Every substantial watercourse in the area goes through some sort of canyon on its descent into Clearwater Canyon. In the case of Spahats Creek, the narrow slot canyon above the falls is about 40' wide and from 50-100' deep, give or take. At the falls, the canyon deepens to about 400' and is about 200-300' across. It's a surprisingly dramatic formation that has to be seen to be fully appreciated.


Geology and Bedrock Structure:




Photography Notes:

The falls are a straightforward shot, needing a touch of telephoto, a 28-105mm lens will do the trick. Photographing the falls and canyon together in a contextual shot will require a wide lens, I'd suggest an 18-55mm lens, although a wider one might be better. I shot the falls as light was fading fast, in dark sweetlight conditions. The depth and orientation of the canyon make sunny days an absolute deal-killer. Overcast, early or late days will be best.



Take the Yellowhead Highway to Clearwater. Turn north onto Clearwater Road and drive for about 10 km to the signed parking area for Spahats Creek Provincial Park. The falls are a short hike down an easy trail to a well constructed viewpoint overlooking the magnificent canyon.