This is one of the Best waterfalls in the Northeast



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0.71 (Class 1)


160 feet

 Tallest Drop:

160 feet

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USGS Manchester 7 1/2"


Aerial Photography


25 J11



The falls from the base, click to enlarge

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Manchester , Bennington County, VT , USA


No Known Alternate Names



The falls from the base



This is a great waterfall, easily one of Vermont's finest! The trail is completely straightforward. 2.3 miles to the falls, gaining about 800-900 feet in elevation, then losing about 200' to the falls. The climb is very steady and only mildly steep in a couple of places. At the falls there is little to do other than look at the falls. There is an unprotected overlook near the base of the falls, and a short rough path leading to the rocky streambed. The view alone is worth the effort. I've seen several published reports of the falls being about 100' tall. I think this figure is quite inaccurate, I'm inclined to suggest that the drop is more like 160. See Lye Brook Falls on my Panoramio Page


Geology and Bedrock Structure:



The falls were once referred to as the Trestle Cascade owing to the fact that an old logging railroad trestle crossed below the falls. I didn't see any obvious signs on my visit, beyond the old rail grade the trail follows.


Photography Notes:

You'll want to visit the falls after recent rains, or water will likely be on the low side. It's got a rather small watershed and it runs off quickly. Moderate focal lengths, perhaps 35-105mm should be sufficient. A tripod and polarizer will be indispensable here. This waterfall might almost benefit from a cooling filter more than it would from a warming filter, the rocks are of a fairly strong brownish tint. The falls have a western exposure, the sun can be a serious issue here. In order to shoot the upper reaches of the falls, I'd suggest telephoto rather than scrambling up the side of the falls. The terrain is dangerously steep.



Starting in the town of Manchester, From Route 7A, turn east on Depot Street (Routes 11/30) and drive for about 1/2 mile, turning right on Richville Road. At the Post Office, turn left on East Manchester Road and cross beneath Route 7. After the underpass, turn right on the Lye Brook Falls Access Road (the sign might say Glen Road, but there is another sign indicating Lye Brook Falls access) and follow it to the end and park. The trail exits the parking lot at the far end. The first several yards are on rounded and somewhat slippery rocks, but this changes to a level former rail bed. You'll find several stretches of trail where there are numerous rocks protruding from the ground. Many of these have the potential to turn an ankle, so be mindful of your footing. The falls are reached in 2.3 miles.