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18 feet

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Middlebury River






USGS East Middlebury 7 1/2"


Aerial Photography


33 C10





Middlebury , Addison County, VT , USA


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An old postcard image from the archive



I have not visited all of the gorge. The middle parts are largely impassable. Access from above is largely impossible as there are 90' cliffs along much of the lower end. The gorge almost closes over you in places due to water sculpture. The best access is from the lower end, starting from the Route 125 bridge. My chiropractor, Dr. John Guerriere (an extreme kayaker who has run the gorge on multiple occasions) tells me parts of this gorge are best left to the river rats or the canyoners. Maybe I'll give him a waterproof disposable camera when he makes a run.


Geology and Bedrock Structure:

The Middlebury River has cut a deep gorge through bedrock including the cambrian Cheshire Quartzite, the cambrian Moosalamoo Phyllite, the cambrian Forestdale Marble, and the precambrian Mount Holly Gneiss.




Photography Notes:

Until I find a safe way into the gorge, I've got no practical information.



Parts of the gorge can be seen by parking at the Route 125 bridge over the Middlebury River in East Middlebury, then walking upstream along the northern bank.