Abs Mag:


 Beisel Rating:

3.51 (Class 4)


75 feet

 Tallest Drop:


 # of Drops:





Baldin Brook






USGS Wolcott 7 1/2"


Aerial Photography


47 C9





Wolcott , Lamoille County, VT ,


No Known Alternate Names



The segmented lower tier



This waterfall was another I learned of from the "The Waterfalls, Cascades and Gorges of Vermont" by Jerry Jenkins and Peter Zika. According to information detailed in the book, the upper tier is a very tight cleft that, at one time, had been partially filled in. Nature has a way of correcting the mistakes we make, but I've not seen the upper falls and don't have any word of its condition. I had followed Baldin Brook upstream from North Wolcott Road along what appeared to be a private driveway. I photographed the falls from the stream and didn't go further upstream because I didn't wish to inadvertently invade anyone's privacy. The name Baldin Brook is from the USGS topo maps, but the Vermont Gazetteer labels this watercourse as Baldwin Brook. I'll go with what the USGS says. In May of 2008, I got an email that confirms the posted status of this waterfall. The land is heavily posted, so please skip this one.


Geology and Bedrock Structure:




Photography Notes:

I shot this at about 80mm. A polarizer will cut the glare, and a warming filter might have been useful (in retrospect) in cutting through the dominant green overtones here.



Baldin Brook is about half a mile south of North Wolcott, on the North Wolcott Road. By all appearances, the brook runs alongside what appears to be a private driveway. If the lucky landowner reads this, and wishes to invite me up to take a look around, I'd be hugely appreciative.