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Austin Mill Brook






USGS Shelburne 7 1/2"


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49 G11






Shelburne , Coos County, NH , USA


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The Bolnicks' excellent "Waterfalls of the White Mountains" suggests this waterfall is near the 1200' contour. I did a little bushwacking up the river after I left the Austin Brook Trail. I didn't find the falls, but there are two is either up or downstream. I went upstream and found a spot where the river narrowed and bent around a corner and I didn't want to wade up the increasingly deep pool for a peek. After all, it was late April and the water was brutally cold. According to Moses Sweetser's "The White Mountains", "The Bowls and Pitchers are on Mill Brook, 1 mile from the highway and show a series of curious falls and potholes in the solid granite rock"…considerably downriver from where the Bolnicks mark the falls.


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A few miles east of Gorham on Route 2, you'll turn north on North Road. You'll drive just shy of 3 miles. There is a small parking lot adjacent to the Austin Mill Brook bridge. There is a mill dam easily seen from the road, so visual confirmation is easy. Got though the white turnstile, then start up the trail. For the majority of the length, you will be walking on a smooth dirt road. Once you get in the area, your guess is as good as mine.