Abs Mag:


 Beisel Rating:

1.79 (Class 2)


35 feet

 Tallest Drop:

15 feet

 # of Drops:





Branch Brook






USGS Ludlow 7 1/2"


Aerial Photography


30 J4



The north segment of the upper tier, click to enlarge

The south segment of the upper tier, click to enlarge

The middle tier from below, click to enlarge

The middle tier from the side, click to enlarge

Both segments of the upper tier, click to enlarge

The lower tier, click to enlarge

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Ludlow , Windsor County, VT , USA


No Known Alternate Names



The north segment of the upper tier



Buttermilk Falls is made up of 3 drops about 1000 feet apart. The upper falls drop in two streams over either end of a wide ledge of greenish gray precambrian quartzite. The falls are about 15 feet tall and drop into a wide pool. The presence of a few large and often over-flowing trash cans indicate that many people visit the area. The middle falls are about 12 feet tall. The stream collects in a deep pothole at the brink of the middle falls. The falls drop into a tight cleft formed by the cliff and a large flake of rock directly in front of the waterfall. There is another large pool at the base of this drop. The lower falls consist of a stairstep series of low falls. The rocks are fun to explore and there are small pools in several places.


Geology and Bedrock Structure:

Buttermilk Falls drops over two different ledges of precambrian quartzite. The upper ledge is a strange opaque green-gray color. The middle and lower tiers are more of a reddish formation.



The upper tier was referred to as Bridal Veil Falls. The Vermont River Conservancy recently acquired the property which is now under the administration of the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation.


Photography Notes:

This waterfall presents quite a few photo opportunities. The skies are fairly open here, so shooting is best in morning, late afternoon, or preferably on an overcast day. A polarizer is very helpful, a warming filter would be useful particularly at the upper tier. And of course, have a tripod. Don't be afraid to get your feet wet looking for different points of view. 28-80mm of zoom should be sufficient to capture what shots are to be found here.



This waterfall is located a mile north of Ludlow. The old Route 103 used to wind along the side of Branch Brook. Route 103 was relocated further up the side of Okemo Mountain, and the old Route 103 became Buttermilk Falls road. The falls are near the end of the road, just below the old closed bridge.