Abs Mag:

 Beisel Rating:



15 feet

 Tallest Drop:

15 feet

 # of Drops:





East Branch Ausable River






USGS Keene Valley 7 1/2"


Aerial Photography


96 C3





Keene , Essex County, NY , USA


No Known Alternate Names



The falls from the edge of the plunge pool



Hulls Falls is a short waterfall immediately below the Route 69 bridge southwest of Keene. Although this is not a very tall waterfall, the scoured bedrock and the large plunge pool beneath the falls indicate great volumes of water from time to time. There are signs of frequent use. The pool is large, seemingly deep, and has a sandy beach on the north side of the river. The rocks are interesting, and easy to explore. There is also a large amount of garbage, mostly consisting of bottles and paper trash, in other words, "party leavings". Sadly, I've heard the waterfall, or at least the land on the north bank of the river has been posted. This is why people should pick up their garbage, rather than leave it behind.


Geology and Bedrock Structure:




Photography Notes:



The falls (if accessible) are just below the Route 69 bridge over the East Branch of the Ausable River about half a mile from the intersection of Route 73. If the falls are posted, then please honor the landowners wishes.